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    I need some assistance. My Harbor Breeze fan is not working after 1 year of use. The light works fine with the remote but the fan motor does not. Today one of the wires starting smoking when I turned the wall switch on. I immediately turned it off. Lowes tells me I have to contact your company to troubleshoot before I can return it. I dont have the receipt. I cant seem to find a good website for your company that provides guidance on how to proceed. Please reply with guidance.

    • Admin says:

      Hello. Not sure why Lowe’s would say to contact us. We simply provide consumer information related to Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fans. That being said, you may want to contact Harbor Breeze product support. Their number is 1-800-643-0067, option 2. Hours of operation are 8-6 M-Thurs, 8-5 Fri EST.

  2. Doug Mixon says:

    Warranty claim on Harbor Breeze 60 day old remotes.

  3. Phil livi says:

    Just opened a classic white ceiling fan # 0076253, purchased at lowes and globe was broken. Lowes is not close to my residence, can u help me?

    • Admin says:

      If a Lowe’s is not convenient for you, you should try contacting the store where you purchased the ceiling fan. They may be able to send you a replacement globe or fan. Another option would be to contact Harbor Breeze product support. Their number is 1-800-643-0067, option 2. Hours of operation are 8-6 M-Thurs, 8-5 Fri EST.

  4. Justin Desmond says:

    Hello I have a older Harbor Breeze ceiling fan and I am down to my last bulb the bulbs are not sold in any stores anymore, I was hoping your company would still have them so I dont have to replace a perfectly good fan. If you can send me an email address that I can send an attachment to I can send pictures of the fan bulb and socket.

    • Admin says:

      Hello. We do not sell parts. You should not have to replace your ceiling fan. If your local Lowe’s store does not offer the proper bulbs, one option may be to replace your light kit, which can be purchased at Lowe’s. You may also consider contacting Harbor Breeze product support. Their number is 1-800-643-0067, option 2. Hours of operation are 8-6 M-Thurs, 8-5 Fri EST.

    • Admin says:

      Hello. We do not sell parts. You should not have to replace your ceiling fan. If your local Lowe’s store does not offer the proper bulbs, one option may be to replace your light kit, which can be purchased at Lowe’s. You may also consider contacting Harbor Breeze product support. Their number is 1-800-643-0067, option 2. Hours of operation are 8-6 M-Thurs, 8-5 Fri EST.

  5. phil hocott says:

    please give me a website so that I can identify my hand held remote that has gone bad on my Harbor Breeze; I need to replace it. The fan is at least 10 years old…works great…but remote control will not turn fan off. It has 6 oblong buttons, top button says “LIGHT”; the middle buttons say “FAN/OFF” and “FOR/REV”; bottom 3 buttons say
    “HI,MED,LO”. White plastic housing with 4 raised lines in plastic across front. Uses 9V battery; has 4 white dipswitches on a blue dipswitch frame. Can you help?

    • Admin says:

      You should check you local Lowe’s store. You may have to reinstall a new receiver as well since your ceiling fan is 10 years old. You may also want to contact Harbor Breeze product support. Their number is 1-800-643-0067, option 2. Hours of operation are 8-6 M-Thurs, 8-5 Fri EST.

  6. Trudy James says:

    I purchased Item #:304291 | Model #:00254 at Lowes recently and it did not have the remote …Lowes says I have to get it from you. Could you please send one ?
    Thanks Trudy James

  7. Mike Schrimpsher says:

    I have had my ceiling fan for about a uear. We love it, But our grandson broaken 2, of the glass globs And Lowe’s are out and my not have then in stock. So hear I am e-mailing you, The Harbor Ceiling fan . To get my glass globe’s We have a 52″ fan .I can not find a item number on it . So will you help me .I would just go out and just buy some more but my wife wants the same kind that came with it!!!!
    Thank You,
    A man that needs your help!! Mike S.

    • Admin says:

      If you are not able to find the replacement glass globe for your ceiling fan at the Lowe’s store, you could try the Lowe’s website. You may also want to try the Harbor Breeze customer support line, which is 1-800-643-0067.

  8. Bud Baker says:

    Have a harbor breeze fan\light unit. model number MP558FT04. the light unit does not work. Lights do a low pulse blinking. think something is wrong with the electronics. I want to find a replacement light unit. currently it has four light glass bells. Please contact me as soon as possible. thank you for your time and help on this matter.

    • Admin says:

      Hello. Yes, your problem does sound like something electrical or with the electronics of the ceiling fan. Have you done any type of renovation that would affect the electrical circuit where your ceiling fan is installed? If so, you may need to consult a licensed electrician to help diagnose the issue. However, if you simply want to replace the light unit for your fan, you can find compatible units at your local Lowes store, or on their website. You may also want to contact Harbor Breeze Customer Support at 1-800-643-0067 for additional support.

  9. Gem Electric Motor Service Inc. says:

    Hello, We need the mounting bracket for a Harbor-344 ceiling fan. Model M52CV.
    Could you please let me know if we can order?

    Thank you,

    • Admin says:

      The first place to check for the proper mounting bracket for your 344 ceiling fan would be your local Lowes store or their website. If you are not able to find the bracket in either of those places, you may want to try contacting Harbor Breeze customer support at 1-800-643-0067.

  10. Jan McCabe says:

    My Harbor breeze 0194492 unit was under a recall and I had the heater fan unit replaced. I don’t remember when that was. I bought the unit in Oct of 2010. The replacement unit’s heating element went out and I got another unit under the recall. This has now happened 4 times.
    Is there a way to get a refund instead of having another unit installed.

    • Admin says:

      At this point, it is unlikely you will be able to get a refund for your ceiling fan. Although, since the issue with your fan is related to a recall, you certainly have a good argument. Have you checked with your local Lowes store to see of they will allow you to return the fan for a refund or exchange? They may be able to work with you on this. Another alternative, if you have not already, would be to talk to Harbor Breeze customer support to see if they can assist. They can be reached at (800) 643-0067.

  11. janet says:

    In July of 2010, I bought Harbor Breeze model # 289407 52” Halston II ceiling fan at Lowes. The color is antique bronze. Is this model still available anywhere else? If not available, can you suggest something of similar size and style that will match for my other bedroom.

    • Admin says:

      If you are not able to find the Harbor Breeze fan to match yours in the Lowes store or on the Lowes website, then you should probably contact Harbor Breeze customer support. They will be able to tell you if your ceiling fan is still available, or if there is a compatible model available. Their phone number is 800-643-0067.

  12. Wayne Emerson says:

    Ceiling fan, model CS52MWW5C – started making a ‘grinding’ noise, not too loud, but very irritating! Is there a fix for this?, or, do I have to replace the whole thing?

    I bought it at Lowes 2 years ago, and they don’t carry this model any longer (which means major work to install a different fan, as the mounting will undoubtedly be totally different – UGH!!!)

    Doesn’t seem like it lasted very long. I have same size fans (Hunter’s I think) in (2) other rooms that have been there for at least 13 years (when I moved here), still running perfect, and QUIET!

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    • Admin says:

      You may not have to replace the entire fan. If the issue is with the fan motor, the motor for your Harbor Breeze fan comes with a limited life time warranty. Your best recourse for assistance with this warranty issue would be to contact Harbor Breeze customer support at 1-800-643-0067. They should be able to assist you in getting and installing a replacement motor, or they may provide you with a new ceiling fan.

  13. Gee says:

    I need instructions to replace lite from ceiling fan. Cannot remove lite from the cylinder.
    (MODEL #78622) Please help.


    • Admin says:

      If you do not have the instructions that came with your ceiling fan, sometimes you can find them online. Another option you may want to consider is contacting Harbor Breeze Customer Support at 1-800-643-0067. They may be able to provide a copy of the instructions you need to remove the light, or they may be able to provide the support you need over the phone.

  14. joseph shapley says:

    i ‘am looking for a white tilghman fan item # 294980 modelwck52mww5p the stores are out how can i order one with a light attactment

    • Admin says:

      It sounds like you may have looked for the Tilghman fan at your local Lowes store. If they do not carry the model and or color you are looking for, you should check the Lowes website. As a matter of fact, check this link … it looks like the exact model (Item #: 294980, Model #: WCK52MWW5P) you are looking for. Here it the link:

  15. Steven Colello says:

    I JUST got done installing another Harbor Breeze ceiling fan, model #0373684 and am VERY unhappy. This one, so far, is working ok. This is the 3rd fan in the same location in less than 2 months. The first one malfunctioned by one of the pull chains came off inside the housing. This fan was installed less than 2 months prior. I removed the fan and instead of attempting to disassemble it to see if was an easy fix I returned it to Lowes in exchange for the same. After installing THAT one yesterday I went to start it and, to my frustration, nothing, fan nor light, would turn on. My first thought was that it may have been my error in wiring so I had a fellow electrician
    check it out. We both agreed it was a faulty motor. Now, I JUST got done installing this, THE 3RD ONE in less than 2 months, and, SO FAR, it is working ok. My frustration over this whole situation is immeasurable and I believe that it would be an extremely kind gesture if Harbor Breeze were to compensate me in some way for it. I would hate to have to tell those I know what a dreadful experience I have had with these fans

    • Admin says:

      Very sorry to hear about the difficulties you have had with your fans. Were your issues all with ceiling fan model #0373684? Maybe there were quality assurance issues with the particular model for some reason? Have you attempted to address this issue with your local Lowes store … or perhaps, Lowes corporate? You may want to try contacting Harbor Breeze Customer Support. Their number is 1-800-643-0067. Or, you may want to contact Lowes Customer Care at 800-445-6937.

  16. Tim Smith says:

    I installed three Harbor Breeze 98480x and of the three all have a problems. One the light section sparked and went out after a few days. The fan worked but not the light. Then yesterday the fan stop working. Another you can’t get a light bulb in one because the threads are stripped. The other just makes a strange noice. What can I do about this? Thank You, Tim

  17. Stephanie Waldron says:

    You may want to tell your “customer care” employee’s to not have an attitude and talk to customers in a hateful and demeaning tone. My only question was I need an address or phone number to ship my motor back because I lost it. She let me know the 1-800-643-0067 does not take parts. After I said, “That’s fine can I get a phone number or address to who does.” She insisted to tell me that they do not take fan parts and doesn’t know why I am calling. Once again I explained to her I understood what she was telling me. She was just very rude, once she transferred me, there was nobody on the other end of the line.

    • Admin says:

      We are very sorry to hear about your frustration in dealing with Harbor Breeze customer support. Please realize we are only a consumer help website, seeking to help owners or potential owners of harbor breeze ceiling fans. If you have a complaint about Harbor Breeze Consumer Support, it may be best to take your issue directly to Lowes. The Lowes Customer Care phone number is 800-445-6937.

  18. Anthony Magnotta says:

    I purchased and installed a HB ceiling fan recently. Upon completing the installation I reached for one of the last steps, installing the glass lamp covers and noticed one of them was chipped. There was no glass chip in the box giving me the impression this globe was put in the box already chipped. I’d simply like a replacement globe what do I need to do?

    • Admin says:

      Since the globe to your fan was broken when you opened the box, the first thing we would recommend is going back to the Lowes where your purchased the fan. You should have no problem at all in getting a replacement globe. Worst case, they may want you to exchange the entire fan. If you have already installed the fan, and the store will not simply exchange the globe, you could purchase the fan again, take it home, open the box and exchange globes, then return the box with the broken globe for a refund. Yes, this is a lot of extra work, but it may be the easiest and quickest way to get your globe replaced. You could also try contacting Hampton Bay Customer Support, and see if they will simply send you a replacement globe in the mail. Their number is (800) 643-0067.

  19. william (bill) mair says:

    I have a Lorina Fan, Model# E-LET52FY5CIT

  20. Denise Clark says:

    I have a Harbor Breeze ceiling fan with light dome. The dome does not have screws to remove it. It has 2 pieces under the oval where the chain goes through. How do I remove the dome?

  21. David Deel says:

    I purchased a ceiling fan with light kit a few years ago. I got caught in a bad situation of not fault of yours. When I mounted the fan and light kit, I had problems with two of the light sockets. Within days I had to have surgery which took me out of commission for quite some time. I am now doing so so and need to replace the light kit. I went to Lowes only to find they no longer stock this particular style. Not of looks but the actual point where I screw the light assembly into the fan assembly. The current ones are two small in circumference. They also only have two screws where mine has three screws. They did have one left for 10 bucks but it was brushed nickel and I need white. Am I stuck or can you provide me with a correct light kit? I am of course willing to pay but I can not physically replace the whole fan/light assembly. I would have to hire someone to do that.
    Any help would be appreciated.
    The kit I have needs to be 3 3/4″ in diameter.

  22. stephen stratman says:

    need to remove and cap the harbor breeze I purchased. need to locate a cap for that purpose. I purchased a Mayfield 44 #0331094, help please

    • Admin says:

      If you are saying you are unable to remove the cap from the bottom of the fan, it could be secured with screws and if so, you would simply remove the screws. If there are no visible screws, the cap probably twists on/off. The cap should come off by rotating counter clockwise, or by rotating to the left. Are you saying you also need to purchase a new cap? If so, you can try your local Lowes, but they probably do not carry the caps in the store. You can try the Lowes website. Or, you can calling Harbor Breeze Customer Support. Their number is 1-800-643-0067.

  23. Jeremy Carter says:

    Need a copy of a instruction or operating manual harbor breeze ocean side ceiling fan

  24. William Richardson says:

    We saw the ceiling fan below at Lowes and really like it. However, the one thing it is missing is the two fan do NOT go around in a very slow motion while the fans are on. Had that been the case we would have purchased 4 of them on the spot.

    Harbor Breeze 74-in Twin Breeze II Oil Rubbed Bronze Outdoor Ceiling Fan with Light Kit

  25. Beverly Chaisson says:

    I have several Harbor Breeze White Tiempo w/brush brass model number #E-TM52BNKW5C. The light kit went out. I either need a light kit or purchase a new ceiling fan. No one in my area carries this model nor could I find it on the net. Please let me know where I can obtain either of these. Thank you!

  26. Virginia says:

    My pull cord completely came out of the fan. Lowes stated I need to call HB Customer Service since it has been six months since the fan was purchased. What is the #?

  27. Jim Foster says:

    I have been trying for a long time to get a replacement globe for my ceiling fan. It is a Harbor breeze white. The globe is a frosted white. It is round, 6 1/2 inch diameter. It twists into place. Please Help.

  28. B. Calissi says:

    I’ve owned my Harbor Breeze Paradiso fan for almost 2 years. 2 weeks ago, the lights started dimming. I contacted an electrician who checked the fan, my switch, the connections and the electric in the room. When he took off the light kit, he showed me it was extremely hot. The lights had only been on a short while. He also said he smelled burning. I called Harbor Breeze customer service who would not even speak to me unless I had the model number on the motor. I am not an electrician, I did not know what the motor looked like in the unit. She told me I would have to disassemble my unit to find the model number. I told her I had the light kit off already but didn’t know which number would be a model number or if any of these things were the motor. I asked her if I could read off some of the numbers I saw and see if any of them were the model numbers. She said she couldn’t help me unless I had the specific number. After looking through your site, I realized I had the motor with the model number right in front of me in the light kit! If only she had tried to talk me through it. I spent $300 on this fan, so I don’t want to trash it. I still have to call back, but hope there is more than one customer service rep for Harbor Breeze, because that lady gives customer service a bad name.

  29. Krishna says:

    I purchased “Harbor Breeze 52-in Crosswinds Brushed Nickel Ceiling Fan with Light Kit and Remote Item #: 43676 | Model #: 40091” from Lowes and its been just 6 months and the remote is NOT working.
    I talked to Lowes local store and they said since it is under -year manufacturer warranty i have to contact Harbor Breeze customer support.
    Please let me know how to proceed.

  30. Maureen says:

    I have a E-LET52FY5C1T. I believe it might be discontinued. Can you please tell
    me the diameter of the canopy? It is too high up for me to measure.
    Thank you.


  31. Richard Mack says:

    I am writing to you in regards to see if it is possible to locate a Ceiling Fan that your company sold thru Lowes, but Lowes no longer carries it? I have looked everywhere for one of these ceiling fans, but with no luck!

    I am looking for the: Harbor Breeze Cheshire II 42-in White Ceiling Fan with Light Kit – Model # CSD42LW5C3

    We currently have one of these in our kitchen and would like to match it with another one for our dining area. We Love the Harbor Breeze Ceiling fans and have them in all of our rooms in our house, and that’s all we use in our rental houses also. We like the quality of them and that they are so easy to install.

    If there is any way possible to purchase one of these ceiling fans we would be forever in your debt, as my wife Love that ceiling fan!!

  32. Scott says:

    I have a Harbor Breeze fan that we received for Christmas and the metal arm that holds the blade broke off. We have only run the fan a couple of times since it was installed. I am not sure what I am to do next to get it replaced.

  33. Phil Rebel says:

    I need and electric motor or blower assembly for by bathroom light fan model #
    80206….I have searched over 100 sites with no success. I did go to Lowes and they are lost and so am I. It is 1 1/2 years old and the motor sounds like its bones are rattling.

  34. Jonathan says:

    Please advise on where to purchase glass shade for light for small fan

  35. Darlene says:

    Where can I purchase a replacement pull chain switch

  36. joe d says:

    I am interested in the HB Mason 44″ oil rubbed bronze fan , model # 00874. It is supposed to possess a DC motor , which is very efficient. However , I cannot find this fan’s Airflow Efficiency (cfm/ watt ) listed anywhere.

    I would appreciate it if you could please pass that information along to me.

    Thank you.

  37. Bob Alamillo says:

    I purchased and installed a Harbor Breeze Model LP8293LAZ Remote Ceiling Fan and have a problem.

    When I have the fan running and I turn the feeding wall switch off, the fan makes a popping sound before it starts to slow down. I lowered the fan speed to its lowest setting and when I turned the wall switch off, it did not make that popping sound. I also left the wall switch on and turned the fan off with the remote unit and it did not make that same popping sound. My concern is when it makes that popping sound, I am not sure if there is an electrical problem with the unit.

    Please advise

  38. Lisa Woodruff says:

    I have a Harbor Breeze fan. Quite pleased with the fan. I am needing a bracket that holds the blade to the fan – my strong husband broke it.

    I called the customer service # listed on the fan. I was on hold for at least 20 minutes. I was listening to music and was ok with that – thinking other customers were being helped.

    My call was answered by Nina – she stated that she needed a certain # from the manual. I do not have the manual. I had been instructed to get the Model #. I gave that to Nina. She quite abruptly said that the number I gave was not coming up in the system. I started to recite another number and she quite rudely interrupted me – stating that the numbers are not in the system. I asked what does that mean? Nina said that that part is not in the system. I paused for a few seconds. Silence. No offer of help or even a good-bye.

    Not a good way to run a Customer Service Department.

    I will try elsewhere.

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