Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Accessories

Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fans are aesthetically pleasing, highly functional, reliable, and energy efficient.  Though most people know that Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fans offer a cool breeze in the summer, or help circulate the air in the winter, certain accessories can be added to enhance the effectiveness and the look of your Harbor Breeze fan.

Things to Consider:

  • Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fans are economical and can make a significant difference in your home’s temperature during both summer and winter
  • Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fans can provide a calm, tranquil atmosphere and accessories such as a ceiling fan light kit can enhance this effect even further
  • Replacing a standard ceiling light in almost any room of your home with a ceiling fan plus a light kit can enhance the look and feel or your room, while also improving air flow
  • Possibly, the most recognized accessory for a Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan is the light kit.  There are may Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan light kits available to use with your ceiling fan.  They can be found at your local Lowes store or on their website.
  • Adapters are available that will allow you to install a ceiling fan even if your ceiling is sharply sloped or uneven
  • Another important accessory for your Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan is the down rod.  A down rod allows you to mount your ceiling fan away from the ceiling.  An example where you may want a down rod is with a vaulted ceiling.
  • A really great accessory for a Harbor Breeze Fan is a remote control.  There are a few different options available, so be sure that the remote control you are considering is compatible with your ceiling fan.

6 Responses to Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Accessories

  1. Kathie Fox says:

    I am looking for a harbor breeze ceiling fan remote, Item # 53114..Can U help please?

    • Admin says:

      Hello. Harbor Breeze is the Lowe’s store brand of ceiling fans. You should be able to find the proper remote control for your ceiling fan at your local Lowe’s store or through their website.

  2. Cristina says:

    The red wires are for the switched power. In the oulett box you should see a red wire connected to the top half of the oulett and a black wire connected to the bottom half. The black wire is constantly hot and the red wire is connected to the switch. In the fan box you will most likely see a black and red capped off as well as a white neutral. The black and red should both be connected to a switch so you can have the fan motor and the light on a separate switch. Hope that helps. +4

  3. Minnie says:

    Where is the ceiling fan model number located.

  4. richl70@yahoo.com says:

    Can I put bigger blades on th model 0076253

  5. Larissa says:

    Could you give me a Mail to send the picture of the part that i need


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