Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Repair

Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fans are known for their durability. They are not prone to damage from normal wear and tear. Due to their reputation and durability, Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fans are among the best choices on the market.

Support for Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fans is provided through your local Lowes store. This means that you do not have to worry about where to go for repairs if your fan encounters problems. This is not to say that Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fans are prone to needing repairs; quite the contrary, in fact, consumers can feel confident that they know where to go to get help when they need it.

Like all appliances, ceiling fans, such as those manufactured by Harbor Breeze, will occasionally encounter technical difficulties. Ceiling fans are not overly complicated.  Repair could simply involve balancing or replacing the blades or the pullchain.  More complicated repairs would include the capacitor or the motor.

If your Harbor Breeze fan is not working, check to make sure that all controls on the fan are functional and set properly.  Does the fan have a light?  If so, does the light work?  If both the fan and the light are not working, it could be an electrical connection issue.  Or, it could simply mean you have a blown circuit breaker.

If the light is working and the fan is not, the first thing to check is if the black wire has come disconnected inside the canopy.  Next, check to be sure that the blades turn freely. If they do not, it means that the problem may involve stuck bearings, a broken flywheel, or simply something may simply be stuck in the path of the motor or blades.

20 Responses to Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Repair

  1. Susan Nelson says:

    Is there a maintenance manual for the Harbor Breeze fans? When I turn my fan on high speed, I hear a squeeking noise. Is there a guide for oiling or cleaning any of the mechanical parts, besides cleaning the blades, which I do a few times a year?

    • Admin says:

      We recommend contacting Harbor Breeze product support. Their number is 1-800-643-0067, option 2. Hours of operation are 8-6 M-Thurs, 8-5 Fri EST. They should be able to provide a manual as well as guidance regarding proper maintenance.

      • Adefitria says:

        Dust might cause it to run slow, I used to have to clean my box fan yearly bseauce dust would cogg up my motor housing vents. After I cleaned the outside of the motor housing the gril, it would be 5times as powerful!!! Now i have a ceiling fan with remote hard wired in, the light on a switch, bseauce this house is old and only has 1 switchbox in my room

  2. Sachin says:

    I am a Hong Kong fan of yours and so is my celinig fan a fan . *Sigh* My celinig fan is presently sitting on my LR floor because we can’t figure out why it’s running so slow. After watching your video, I now have the sneaky feeling that the fan itself (with chain) is on slow, and so, exactly like your video, when we put the wall control on fast, it never goes beyond slow! Hopefully when we reconnect it tomorrow we will discover this is the problem. TY for your fantastic videos!

  3. Paula Edeburn says:

    Our Harbor Breeze ceiling fan I making a sort of grinding noise when it is on medium or high speeds. We have tried to relevel it but it won’t stay and the noise goes away as long as u hold it tilted. Do we need to replace the fan or is there a repair or suggestion u can offer. The fan is only about 3 years old. That u for ur help.

    • Admin says:

      It is difficult to say specifically what may be causing the problem with your ceiling fan. It may be the motor, and if it is the motor, it is covered by a limited lifetime warranty. If your issue is related to the fan blades being level and/or rotating in level position, have you tired fan blade weights? Fan blade weights can be used to help ensure the fan blades rotate in a level manner. You may also want to contact Harbor Breeze customer support at (800) 643-0067. They may be able to help you in further diagnosing the the cause of the grinding noise your are hearing.

  4. william (bill) mair says:

    I have Fan m# E-LET52FY5CIT (LOTINA)
    When I switch the light on it comes on for a second and then goes off. it does this all the time and will not stay on I changed the wall switch but it does the same thing, is ther something internal that is bad that needs to be changed out.

  5. patricia says:

    broke one of the blade irons,or blade holders in the antique brass but now looking for replacement in either brass or antique unable to locate short type just 3 inch

  6. leo huelsman says:

    We purchased (2) 52″ Tilghman fans. One runs smooth which the other is way out of balance. It rocks when on low and medium speed to the point it is making a terrible noise. On high speed it is a little better but still rocks to a point where it makes a noise like the unit is beyond the play in the anchor mechanism.

  7. Denise Clark says:

    How to remove the light dome. There is no screws. It has a oval base that does not screw off.

  8. Hugh Norris says:

    I have two Harbor Breeze ceiling fans united mounted on the underroof of my back porch roof. They were purchased and installed on same date. One works perfectly. The other has a loud humm and only spins at half the rate as the other on each of the speed settings. Is the bad fan a defective unit and must be replaced or is there a problem with the installation that can be corrected?

    • Hugh Norris says:

      Dear Harbor Breeze,
      Please respond to my question dated yesterday, September 23, 2013. Is the problem I described with the defective fan one that requires replacement or is it something that can be corrected by installation revision? Again, the defective fan has a loud hummm in sound and is slower that its twin at all speed settings.
      Thank you.

      • Admin says:

        Our apologies for the lengthy delay in responding to you. From your description of the problem with your ceiling fan, no, it does not sound like a problem with the installation. The fact that you have a loud hum and the fan is not rotating as fast as it should sounds like a problem with the motor or the capacitor. This issue can be repaired, but we would recommend having the fan replaced via warranty. If you deal with your local Lowes store, you will likely need your receipt. If you do not have the receipt, you can try calling the Harbor Breeze Customer Support line at 1-800-643-0067, or you can try contacting the Lowes Customer Care line at 800-445-6937.

  9. Glo says:

    We love our Harbor Breeze fans but we have a problem with one….. seems it doesn’t want to run in the clockwise rotation only the counter-clockwise. We have set and re-set but it will only go in reverse and in slow. Please help….. 🙂

  10. beth heady says:

    We bought a house that is 6 years old and has a harbor breeze fan in the bedroom. We do not have a manual and cannot find the model number. The problem is the

  11. beth heady says:

    We bought a house that is 6 years old. We have a harbor breeze fan in our bedroom. The problem is it only runs on high speed. It should have 3 speeds. We don’t have the manual and do not know the model number. What could the problem be?

  12. fred cardwell says:

    I have A Harbor Breeze remote control fan with a light kit attached. I’ve looked on Harbor Breeze’s website but could not find the model of this ceiling fan. My problem is that the fan still works but the light does not. I’ve changed the candlebra bulb many times before (blows out often) but this last time the change of the bulb did not work.

  13. joe says:

    I have a 52 in harbor breeze fan.i can only get one low speed on fan ..help

  14. Bob Alamillo says:

    My Remote Ceiling Fan model LP8293LAZ makes a popping sound when I turn the fan off with the wall switch. When I turn the fan the lowest speed and turn off with the wall switch it doesn’t make that popping sound. When I turn the fan off with the remote, it doesn’t make that popping sound. What could be making that popping sound and can it be fixed.

  15. Anna says:

    We have a harbor breeze kingsbury ceiling fan model#Casual-3-2011. It has a remote and the fan stopped working completely. So we checked the wiring and once we took the piece off the ceiling it started on its own on high. Now it will only run on high. I have reset the remote multiple times and it does not help. How can we get the fan to work properly?

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