Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Replacement Parts

Replacement Parts For Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan

Harbor Breeze offers many replacement parts for your ceiling fan.

Many times all that a Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan needs is a simple replacement part to get it working as good as new again. If you become familiar with the various parts to your ceiling fan, repairs and alterations will become much easier. Listed below are five of the essential parts that make Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan run smoothly.


The blades of your ceiling Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan are the most identifiable part of your fan and are very easy to change.  Occasionally, a fan blade can break, and many times an owner may simply want to change the blades of their ceiling fan to change the look land feel of the fan. Again, changing fan blades are probably the easiest thing to change on your fan.


The capacitor is the part of a ceiling fan that controls the speed and movement of the Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan.  It can often be  replaced fairly easily. Make sure that before buying a new capacitor, you are sure of the model number of your Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan. And, make sure the model number of the capacitor and the ceiling fan are compatible.


The motor, as well as the power supply, may be the part of the Harbor Breeze Fan that is the most tricky to replace. Replacement would only be required if the motor fails.

Truthfully, unless yo are very handy, it may make most sense to simply replace the entire fan. But, before doing so, check with your local Lowes store to determine if you ceiling fan is still under warranty.

Pullchain Switches

Pullchain switches are maybe the most common part of a ceiling fan that require repair, most likely due to the fact that they are the part of the fan that is most often handled.

Replacement pull chain switches are inexpensive and are not very difficult to replace. Instructions for replacement will be included in the package.

Mounting Bracket

The mounting bracket is the part of the Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan that holds the fan to the ceiling.

It is unlikely that you would ever have to replace this part, as it is non-moving and non-electrical. In the event; however, that you do need to replace the mounting bracket, they are available. Replacement is not difficult, but you will need to un-mount your existing fan and disconnect the wires, etc. to complete the job.

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