Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Company

Wondering about the The Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Company?

Well, the truth is, Harbor Breeze Ceiling fans are the Lowes store brand of ceiling fans.  They are actually made by a company called Litex Industries … a very reputable fan manufacturer.  Litex delivers top-quality, private-label ceiling fans and lighting fixtures to contractors, regional and national home centers, and wholesale clubs.  They have state-of-the-art manufacturing and distribution facilities and they put special emphasis on quality control.

The great thing about the relationship between Litex Industries and Lowes is that, as a consumer, you get a great ceiling fan at a great price.  And, additional or replacement parts are very easy to get through your local Lowes store … or their website.

Lowes carries over 100 different Harbor Breeze Ceiling fans.  The ceiling fans are available with a wide variety of finishes, from Brass or Bronze to the high-tech and exquisite looking Titanium (Harbor Breeze 52″ Twister Titanium Ceiling Fan).

In addition to variety, there is also a wide price range.  The cheapest Harbor Breeze 52″ Armitage White Ceiling Fan comes with a price tag of $29.94.  The most expensive Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan is the Harbor Breeze 72″ Slinger Brushed Nickel Ceiling Fan (ENERGY STAR) for $ 299.99.  You are sure to get the best value for your money, no matter which Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan model you choose.

All Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fans have been manufactured using the same high quality standards, they come with a lifetime warranty on the electric motor, and they all come at an affordable price.

Most Harbor Breeze Ceiling fans are designed to work indoors.  However, you can find more than a dozen Harbor Breeze fans for outdoor use.  Fan sizes range from 42 inches to 72 inches, and most of them have a remote control and a light kit included.

Since the Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan company is the Lowes brand, you do not have to be concerned with reliability.  Lowes stands behind their fans, and provides full support on every purchase.  And Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fans are one of the most durable fans available on the market.

Lowes opened their first store in the United States in 1946.  Currently, there are over 1749 stores in the US.  Lowes has also expanded into Mexico, Canada and Australia (Masters Home Improvement), serving over 14 million customers per week.

7 Responses to Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Company

  1. Jaak Virkoja says:

    I need one bronze blade holderfor Har.Br. 52

    • Admin says:

      As a last report, you can try the Harbor Breeze customer support line, 1-800-643-0067.

    • Admin says:

      If you cannot find a replacement ceiling fan blade mounting arm in your local Lowes stores, you can likely find what you need on their website. You could also consider an aftermarket mounting arm that you can find through various online retailers. You just need to be sure that the fan blade screw holes align with the mounting arm. It is also a good idea to replace all of the mounting arms, rather than just one. This will help ensure your fan stays properly balanced.

  2. Michelle says:

    I recently installed a Harbor Breeze ceiling fan per the instructions. I got it put together and turned the switch on only to have it spark and trip the breaker. After checking the light section it did so again as well as shot sparks. I then removed the fan motor to find that the mounting bracket through which the power wires are ran had sharp enough edges to cut the insulation on the wiring. It really makes me irate to know that a manufacturing company that works around electrical wiring would skip the simple and necessary step to de-burr the sharp edges that would come into contact with the wires. I was able to correct the problem and successfully install the ceiling fan, but I am not happy about the situation. I may or may not purchase any of this brand again. I intend to contact Lowe’s as well. This situation could have been prevented with very little effort on the manufacturer’s part. It could help prevent house fires as well. If I didn’t have a brand new circuit breaker and all new wiring then my house, two children, husband, myself and visiting in-laws could have had to try to survive a house fire.

  3. Rod Holtz says:

    I have the surf board model and the blades are loose, I can figure out a way to get to the srews the hold the fan arm to the motor housing please help. The fan wobbles teribbly and know one of the blades has come completely off.

  4. gino says:

    my lights are flickering on and off and i was wondering how i can get a diagram or schmatics. thank you

  5. Jim Foster says:

    I have been trying for months to contact someone. NO RESPONSE. I need a replacement globe for a Harbor Breeze ceiling fan it is the type that twist about an I/8 of a turn and locks in place. It is 6 1/2 inch. in diameter. A frosted globe. Help Please.


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